Top 5 software development myths

By | September 14, 2006

I just love hearing management speak about software and software development. Especially when they are discussing things they know nothing about, because they never actually were involved in developing software.

So I think it will be nice to post a list of myths I believe are out there about software development.

  1. Deadlines guarantee that software is completed on time
    I believe this is the biggest myth of them all. Making deadlines does not guarantee that software will be done in time. Making a decent development and integration plan and then putting milestones on the various phases will!
  2. More developers mean faster development
    When a project is nearing a deadline a lot of managers will assign more developers to the project. Does this mean the amount of work left will be done quicker. Well no, too many developers will start slowing eachother down. Work will be done twice and developers will start waiting on work of other developers. Sometimes the overhead of adding more developers just isn’t worth it.
  3. You don’t need developers when designing software
    This one is a bit less common, but still. You can’t design software or try and put together a list of requirements without an actual software engineer (architect) at the table. If you don’t you won’t know if the requirements are feasible or even possible.
  4. Every project is alike
    Most managers believe that every software project is the same. You design, implement and integrate. But that just isn’t true. Sure all of these phases are identical for every project, but its what’s in the phases that matters. How will you implement, design or integrate and not the actual performing of the tasks.
  5. Developers will work faster when put under presure
    I love this one, and managers will use it on ocasion. Developers will work faster under presure, they will start working longer days and sometimes even weekends. But it’s the end result that matters. Sure you can get them to work faster, but will it improve software stability or security. I don’t think so, faster typers make more mistakes. Mistakes can cost money to fix. You do the math.

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