Flower festival

By | September 12, 2006

Not a typical post on this blog, but I think you may all enjoy this one. Last week I went to a small town that had their annual flower festival. (Well it aint named that way, but loosely translated).

What they do every year is create huge cars, I call them cars but they are pushed by¬† people, in a specific theme. This year the theme was the world cultures. These cars are then completely covered with flowers and pushed around the town for everybody to see. (Starts to sound a little like crazy people, but trust me it’s fun)

Every year the various neighborhoods enter in this competition to try and win first place. This year that meant thirteen cars took part. It’s a huge party, lots of cafeteria open and dozens of market stands.

The only downside I found this year was that it was way to crowded. Guess that’s a good thing for the organizers of the festival.

The only way to get the feel is to visit I guess, even so I’ll include some pictures to give you a general feeling of what it’s like.

Pictures of the various cars

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