Netbeans problems, a quick follow up

By | September 6, 2006

If you keep track of this blog somewhat you may have read ‘Netbeans and its quirks‘ I ranted about problems I faced while developing in netbeans. Since I found out the reasons for some of the problems I thought it would be nice to keep you all informed.

My first problem was with an out of memory exception I kept getting when working a full day on websites. After a lot of research and some luck I found out this is related to the way Tomcat deploys web applications. Phew that was a mouth full. To keep a long story short when you run your web project Tomcat redeploys the application in its ‘virtual’ environment. Thank god! I’d hate to do this manually every time.

But the problem with this is that Tomcat or Java doesn’t release singleton classes that are in the web application, that’s my conclusion anyway. Which means that over time the JRE runs out of memory to work with. Especially with the applications I designed, which used singletons to store tons of information for fast data retrieval. You can prevent this somewhat by stopping and starting Tomcat manually in Netbeans.

Oh and as soon as you have the out of memory exception the only way to get Netbeans and Tomcat to work again is killing all java processes. Don’t know exactly why, but just stopping and starting Tomcat doesn’t seem to work once you have the problem?

The second problem I faced was that Netbeans sometimes stops repainting its interface. Well I can add another problem that is related, the auto-complete is annoyingly slow sometimes. Turns out this has to do with my laptop having a speed step CPU. If Netbeans doesn’t get enough CPU power it refuses to work. Maybe the developers found this acceptable, but I’ve seen desktops with a 3Ghz CPU were the Netbeans started flickering during the repaint.

So do I think you should avoid Netbeans for these problems. No I don’t think so. Yeah it’s annoying when Netbeans starts slowing down (a lot sometimes, but then again I develop 8hrs without restart). But it’s got so many features to like. Top of the list is the fact that it’s free! So head over to and try it out.

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