Microsoft Live Writer – First review

By | August 15, 2006

There is a buzz going around the Internet about a new and supposedly easy to use  blogging tool. Microsoft has created a tool enabling you to write your blog articles offline and publish them to your site later by the push of a button.

So you might think there is no competition here, but in the past many including myself also used the e-mail option to send article’s to my blog. Now I have to be honest. I personally like the Live Writer a lot. It is very easy to use and for a beta it is very stable.

One of the things I find most important about tools like the Live Writer is that they are easy to use. But that’s not enough. It needs to be fun! After all if it is no fun to write something for your blog are you likely to do it ever again. I won’t!

So how usable is Live Writer. Well I don’t think it has any competition from the online blog posting capabilities of WordPress. In fact it is a lot more user friendly. Nice buttons, a Word like toolbar and quick in editing.

Something I especially like is the capability to store drafts and continue them, it’s just like having the admin section of the website available in a nice graphical skin. I’ve not even mentioned the best aspect. The tool can work with various blogging software packages. So you’re not bound to the Windows Live service or Blogger.

Worth the try
So is Live Write worth looking into as your new way of blogging, or at least writing article’s for your blog. I think it is. It saves you time and is, in my opinion at least, very easy to use. Will it work for everybody, no it won’t.

So why not you may ask. It’s pretty easy actually. As with any tool it is made to simplify life. Which also means you have less direct control over the lay-out then you would if you were typing all your posts in HTML. But for nouvoice programmers or people that don’t care how a website works just that it does this tool is perfect.

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