Netbeans and its quirks

By | August 12, 2006

For my work I’ve been doing a lot of Java development with my oh so favorite tool NetBeans. Unfortunately for me Netbeans doesn’t appear to like me, or any of the other developers using it, very much.

The major advantage of Netbeans is the build in TomCat server, which handles Java applets and JSP pages. Another is its ability for debugging whilst accessing the web pages. These are some of the reasons for my office to switch from JBuilder to Netbeans.

I’ve been developing with it for a few weeks now, and found that yeah it has great debugging capabilities and the built in Tomcat is definitely an advantage. But it isn’t without its flaws. I’ve had it on many occasion that Tomcat ran out of memory due to dumb as deploying of web projects by Netbeans. Or even more often that Netbeans is unable to debug a project.

For the latter of the two problems there is only one solution: recreate the project and add the existing source. Not a good solution, but he it works. The memory problem well prepare to kill any process running on Java otherwise you won’t be able to continue working.

So is the switch to the free and reasonable good Netbeans worth it. Well its a hell of a lot better then JBuilder 4, which we used up to this day. So in that aspect yea it is better. But when you have to compare it in usability I find it crashing, hanging or not responding in the way you expect it to. I just hope they are planning a major update for Netbeans in the near future.

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  1. Roman Strobl

    Hi, you can consider submitting the bugs you’ve found via Issuezilla on Developers are mostly very responsive to bug reports so if you have a reproducible case, they will fix it in the next version of NetBeans. Best regards, Roman Strobl, NetBeans Evangelist

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