Time for a make-over, follow up

By | July 9, 2006

A little while back I announced that I’d be changing the lay-out of one of my websites, as a part of also changing to a new CMS(Content Management System). So today a quick follow up on that.

As it stands today I’ve finished the colour scheme for the website as well as the general lay-out, picture is included in this post to get some feedback on the colour scheme and the lay-out. Which means as much as I’m ready to start coding the initial template. (Below is an image of the new lay-out, and no I’m no photoshop wizard!)

New Design scheme
New Layout
So what’s left to do, well unfortunately to much to mention. First of I need to design every screen that’s different from the main template. Oh and have I mentioned that I’m not a graphic designer (just a technical guy), so I don’t really like designing at all.

Having done that I can start developing the various templates that will be used by the content management system. Last, but not least, I gotta figure out a way to build the template in with Typo3. Should be easy enough, considering I started testing with the old lay-out of the website.

For historical fun I’ve included the various different versions of the website that have been used over the years. (note that the first version had a different name as I didn’t buy a domain until later on).

First version of website     Second version of the website

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