Time for a make-over

By | June 24, 2006

Lets start of with the obvious. I don’t mean a personal make-over, but one of my main website. If been struggling with getting it to work in both Firefox (and mozilla related browsers) as well as in Internet Explorer. Why, you may wonder. Well it is pretty easy. Apparently browsers can’t agree to agree on how to implement CSS. More specifically they can’t agree on what not to implement.

Before you all get lost and don’t know what the heck I am talking about lets explain with an example of a few years back. Lets say that you wanted to slowly blend something in using CSS and a little bit of JavaScript after someone hits a button. No problem you might think. WRONG!

For some reason the browsers could not agree on one method to do this. So each one had its own implementation. Don’t get me wrong they were sort of the same, yet not completely. Which means that if I implement it for IE (Internet Explorer) it wouldn’t work as I wanted it to in Firefox. No thank god they fixed this alpha blending. But there are many more things that aren’t fixed. Like were to start calculating with offsets (that’s the number of pixels from the border to the parent border).

Since I have become somewhat dedicated in working with CSS, and I’m somewhat of a geek when it comes to complying to the standards as much as possible, all these problems and incompatibilities make my live hell. So the decision made was simple: ‘Completely redesign the website’.

Luckily for me I’ve also been experimenting with using Typo3 to replace my own coded piece of junk (god I wish I had some more time to code something decent). So I guess I can do both at the same time and hopefully get them done at the same time. I hope to publish some more information on usage of Typo3 as well as some images and process reports for the designing to keep you all up-to-date.

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