Long time…

By | June 2, 2006

It’s been a while since my last post, which means it’s about time to write something again. Why haven’t I posted in the past week or so. Well two reasons. First reason I finished my internship, which meant writing a shit load of documents and getting these neatly printed and binding them. This is something I’d like to avoid having to do again!.

The second reason, somewhat related to the first, is finally starting my new job. Which meant spending tons of time on getting everything ready. So what does this mean, well first of you’ll start noticing less search engine related posts. I no longer research it nor do I intend to keep up my research (unless my company asks me to do so!).
In the near future I’m hoping to start posting those articles that I promised earlier this year. Next to that you’ll be reading a bit more about databases and webdevelopment.

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