Google trend tracking

By | May 11, 2006

Just a quickie today.

I found a great marketing and SEO tool yesterday, just haven’t had time to post about it before. Google just launched a new service called Google Trends. It’s the first tool I’ve heard of that allows you to view the keyword usage over a prolonged period of time.

Just enter something in the little box and be amazed by the details it gives you. What’s even cooler is the fact that you’re able to select a region to see the data from. So why am I so exited, it’s pretty easy. Think about the research I’d normally have to do to get this type of information. I’d love to adjust marketing campaigns based on trends that occur yearly.

I’ve just done some checking based on the history of the keyword chocolate (hmm chocolate) in Canada. This showed me that people are searching for chocolat just before the ending of the year and just after the first quarter of the new year. Why is this important. Well easy, now I can adjust my PPC (Pay per click) advertising to display more ads during that time.

Something that amazed me a bit is Google trying to match the certain increase in searches to publishing of articles on the Internet. This is good to know as it helps in linking campaigns.

Just go and check it out, definately worth to spend some time with.

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