Tracking visitor behaviour, why bother?

By | May 7, 2006

What is a deal with tracking visitors. Why bother tracking visitor behaviour on website’s?

From a marketing standpoint, there are various reasons to track to the user behaviour of visitors for any given website. It gives valuable information on conversion rates, helps identify problem areas and shows page popularity. so what information is worth tracking. It depends on what your end goal is.

Surfing behaviour
Let’s start with most obvious. You want to know the amount of times a visitor shows interest in a certain page. This will help understand how they think, and ultimately how they will buy! Although tracking this behaviour should not be difficult.  One must be careful not to store the data too long. People tend to change their mind over time. visitor information should not be kept for more than half the year.  After this information will become unreliable and most likely useless.

Knowing what the visitor likes gives you the change to serve him better information and quicken his search to the product pages or optimize the ads displayed. Which will help you make more money.

Identify problem areas
some pages on the website may not be attractive enough for the uses, using the visitor behaviour to identify this can be a very useful trick. Once these pages have been identified you can easily change them to better suit the visitors needs or spruice them up a little. Before changing a page make certain that there are plenty of the visitors on the website, otherwise the there might be biased and useless for identifying problem areas.

Conversion rates
One of the most important links to keep track of the conversion rate. This will indicate how much money will be making. So make sure your web site software stores when a user purchases a product or service. Not only will this identify which products are is selling best, but also helps you to serve the user with appropriate pages at the appropriate time.

How to track visitor behaviour
The first thing you have to do is to make sure your software package support tracking user behaviour.  If it does not it may be time to contact technical department and asked them to build and simple tricks to store and track user clicks and visits.  Even better if they also store information on the purchases in relation to the pages visited. This last will help you identify how the visitor got to each page and purchase. Another thing you might want to keep track of is the amount of times a visitor returns to your website and how he found the website in the first place. Though most of this information will be dull and an uninteresting to read it may be very valuable to the marketing departments, they can use information to make decisions or modify the advertising strategies.

In a later article I will explain how you can easily add visitor tracking to any already existing website or plan it into a new website.

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