Things to come

By | May 3, 2006

Hard decisions. Life is full of them, and I just had to make one. What was it, well I decided to stop my work over at Eximion. Which was something I had to do anyway because of my new job in June. But my little accident just forced me to focus on my internship and basically drop everything else.

Not really happy with this one, but hey what can you do about it!

So what to expect in the future, well I’ve made a short little list with things to write about here:

  • Taking benefit of Apache redirects and rewrite options
  • Configuring Apache and Mysql to fit your wishes (I know you’ve all be waiting on this one)
  • Building your very first fully .Net application (think its gonna be a code editor)
  • Tracking visitor behaviour

Don’t expect them to soon though, I’d rather heal a bit first. (Damn I just hate typing with one hand)

3 thoughts on “Things to come

  1. Chris

    Hard decisions are part of the every day deal… sucks but then again you just have to keep moving.

    All the best and good luck!


  2. Doki

    Hey Gerben. We understand and the thanks for all the hard work. There will be a BBQ somewhere in June and your invited too even if you need to eat with one hand. Good luck at Zylom

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