Researching notebooks

By | April 26, 2006

Damn, why does your hardware always stop working when you need it most. I’ve been using my laptop for three years now. And its been working great, fast, huge disc and little bit of memory. Until a couple of weeks back. First the battery died so I can’t move more then 10 feet from the power supply. Then last week it started freezing at random moments, which is really anoying when working on applications or documents.

So I started lookin into new laptops, will tried anyway. But I’m a bit picky on laptops now a days. I wan’t one that doesn’t way a ton, is reasonable fast and has plenty of memory to spare. So I ended up with two potential candidates:

The Dell 410 and the Sony Viao-SZ1
Dell 410 vs. Sony Viao

My favorite at the moment is the Sony, because its a lot cheaper with similar options. The only downside is the lack of configuration. Dell just gives you that much more options to choose from. Hmm, what to do. I really don’t know anymore.

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