The good & the bad

By | April 21, 2006

Today I was given some good new and some bad news. More accurately would probable be that it is one message that means both to me. So lets begin with the good: I got the job! No more job hunting, phew. I’ll start working there June 1 and will be their DBA (Database Architect).

Now for the bad news: I got the job. This means I will have to stop my work at Eximion on June 1. I’ve been working there for little over half a year now as a tool developer. More specifically for the level editor they are going to use to build the games.

This won’t come easy to me. I really love the programming of the level editor and getting into the game engine we’re developing over at Eximion. Just hope they will find someone to fill the spot as tools developer as there are some pretty hard deadlines to make. There really making some cool shit over there right now. Even some games in the creation, which you will find out more about by visiting the Eximion website. Just look at the concept art below that I ripped from the official website.
Laudra Creature (Copyright Eximion)Laudra Creature (Copyright Eximion)
Hope to see more coming from them soon.

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