Firefox is testing my patience

By | April 5, 2006

So what am I ranting on this time. Well for my current job I’m stuck surfing
the web for long periods of time. Some friends recommended using firefox
because its so stable and so much better then IE.

So me being a fool I listened and oh boy how did I enjoy the new
browser. First problems started creeping up in the first few hours, Firefox
loves my memory. And I don’t mean in a good way. It eats up 300 Megs of
memory on average. Score one point for the good guys.

I hear those firefox fans saying, yean but it is so much more safe. Sure if
you don’t mind reinstalling the damn thing every two weeks or so because a
new ‘patch’ is released. And I do mean reinstalling not just updating, score
another one for the good guys.

Well I’m working a lot on the Internet and copying and pasting text is a big
part of any job on the net. So I press CTRL+C and then go to my little text
editor and hit the CTRL+P. Ho wait a minute! You didn’t paste anything, what
the f*ck. Seems that Firefox is a bit picky when it comes to copying text,
some times it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Score another point for the
good guys.

So what’s my conclusions, well I’m going back to IE. It might not be liked
by the geeks, but its a hell of a lot better then the firefox currently
available. If you counted like I did, then IE scored 3 points against nope
of Firefox. Now true I only listed problems, but hay I’m not waiting for a
browser that’s got this kind of major problems in its code.

Update(06 April): Ok i’ve done some research into it and it appears to be that the copy and paste problem is a very old one, I’ve just never used Firefox that intens before.

2 thoughts on “Firefox is testing my patience

  1. PabloMano

    I like the feature of having multiple window tabs in Firefox which is not yet supported by IE. IE 7 has this feature and is going to make me happy for sure!

  2. TalhaQasim

    One way to get rid of this is to install the latest version. Other way is to install Google Chrome or Safari from Apple. Although Google Chrome and Safari are much fast, but I dont like their shape. I mostly use Firefox with its latest version on Windows Vista. And to get rid of these diseases, keep your firefox up-to-date by going to Help/ Check for Updates. Or use Internet Explorer 8.
    That’s nice.


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