GMails strange interface

By | April 4, 2006

I made myself promise not to create this post, yet it appears to be here. Ok
better tell you what I mean. Do you have a GMail account, if so then check
the positioning of the buttons in the inbox. You’ll see that they are in the
following order ‘Archive’‘Report Spam’‘Delete’.
Nothing wrong with that, nice clean and logical.

So here is my problem, I always check my spam box to make sure no message
mistakenly gets send there. In the process I love selecting the link
‘select all’ and then press the delete button. But in my hurry I
always end up pressing the ‘not spam’ button. Why?

Easy GMail fucked up, well that’s my opinion anyway. Instead of the same
order of buttons as the inbox they changed the two buttons around. So
instead of having ‘Not Spam’ – ‘Delete’ you get ‘Delete’ – ‘Not Spam’. Why
does google want to hurt me so badly, can’t they design a user interface
that is a bit more obvious. Or more important the same throughout the

I’d better stop as I’m starting to rant, so until next time.

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