Google went to far

By | April 1, 2006

Strange title, so let me explain it a bit. Google has released a new so called ‘service’ where they offer to facilitate searches for private records. And I do mean private! They are now violating laws by aiding searches for medical records for hospitals. This was released two days ago by Zembla in a documentary on Google and its activities. The documentary is available here, but is in Dutch so it may be difficult to follow for some.

So why do I think they went to far and should be either removed from the internet or stop offering this service, well its easy these records are protected by client-doctor confidentiality under the European laws. I guess Google doesn’t care about the law and is more eager to make a profit then follow the law. Up to this date I liked using Google for giving somewhat relevant search results. But now they just went overboard!

So why make such a fuss over this. I like my records to stay private! Don’t want Google knowing about my medical or legal history, what the fuck would they need that data for unless they are going to use it for advertising. And I’m not waiting for that. So I guess it might be time to start looking for another search engine that does comply to European laws and more specifically my privacy! Oh and if I find out my records medical or legal are in Google you can bet I’ll sue the son of a b*tch that released them.

Sorry for the ranting, but this just made me angry.

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