Another day in paradise

By | March 31, 2006

So my second day of writing for this blog, and I’ve already run out of ideas. Not the best start for me, but lets try anyway.

I’ve finally found some time to restart some of the projects I’ve been working on like forever. One of them is a website, that hopefully will bring some money in, and the others is are multiple tutorials for those eager young developers among you. No don’t hide its no use I know you are reading this.

A few days back I decided it was time to publish my first article / tutorial on how to work with the property grid. Specifically on how to build one that is a bit more dynamic then the default one. So if you’re looking for a way to do this head over there and take a peak.

Guess what that left me with little time to spare, next time maybe I’ll get around to talk about some of the games that are worth playing. Or maybe even the research I’ve been doing in search engine optimization. Well who knows at this point, you’ll have to wait until next time.

One thought on “Another day in paradise

  1. PabloMano

    Another day in Paradise?

    Tell me more about this Paradise of yours?
    Did you eat some spacecakes before posting
    by the way?

    Describe your definition of paradise, plese.


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