I caved

By | March 30, 2006

After resisting for a very long time I finally caved and started a blog. I couldn’t stay behind when everybody I knew started writing on the internet now could I?

Why oh why!
So why am I going to tell the world. Hmm so many people and so little knowledge. Wait I know why not write about things I know. Better first tell you some of what I do to scare some away and attract others here. So I am what they call one of those geeks, well not quite but close enough. Currently I’m working for game development company Zylom, maybe some of you heard of them. Anyway enough ranting about who I am for now, plenty of time in the future for that.

So what can you expect to see, sorry read, here. Well first of I’ll hope to keep some of you informed with the somewhat more technical stuff that I deal with on a daily base. No worries though there will be plenty of meaningless talk along the way. Hope to see you again real soon as I plan on posting hear daily, I mean what else am I suposed to do all day long!

One thought on “I caved

  1. PabloMano

    Hey man, post some personal information so readers know who you are. Post something cool about yourself at About page. Add a picture.

    You keep on posting and we’ll keep on posting comments.

    See ya bro.


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