Java Optional the missing ifNotPresent

Ever since Java 8 developers were given a great way to wrap null value checks, the Optional class. This class enables you to prevent nasty NullPointerException in your code in a clean way. Just look at the cleaner code below // Old code Ticker myTicket = ticketRepository.get(“someId”); if (ticket == null) { throw new NotFoundException();… Read More »

Integrating Highchart.js into Java 8

At some point when developing an application your client will ask for visual representations of big data sets. Be it from simple line graphs of sales per month or advanced carpet plots of interest rate vs the amount of mortgages sold. When you are developing for a web-application then you could opt to use Highchart.js… Read More »

Power of Java 8 Lambda’s

Most developers hate the boiler plate code needed to do simple tasks. Especially the boilerplate code needed for list manipulations. This ias where the Java 8 lambda’s come into play. Where in Java 7 a simple clone from an interator in an list would consist out of something similar to: Iterator<MyObject> it = ….; //… Read More »

First steps in the world of Docker

Who as a developer hasn’t faced the problem of having to many database systems, web servers or application technologies installed on his PC. Every project requires a different setup for deployment and various tools to support it. Well I sure know that I’ve faced this problem on regular basis. Mostly requiring complex setups with different database… Read More »

Easier UI development using bootstrap

For die-hard programmers one of the more difficult things to do is create an attractive interface for a website. After all most of us aren’t graphical designers, and some (like me) will never be ;). This is where bootstrap helps us along a little. It provides the basic layout and styling techniques to create a… Read More »